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The Spiritual Meaning of the Number 3

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The number three is extremely meaningful to me. It pops up in my life often, and I can’t help but feel that it has divine meaning. It cannot be evenly divided, and even though a part of me enjoys being able to sort things out evenly, I also appreciate the interconnectedness of three. Things that come in threes are somehow intertwined. They cannot be separated, and are interdependent.

The first time I became conscious of "three" as a divine number was in church. I was raised Catholic, and the holy trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, was ingrained in my psyche at an early age. Three parts of a whole. The number three has much biblical meaning, and shows up across religions, cultures, and civilizations.

As I explored other forms of spirituality, and the divine feminine, it showed up as the triple goddess: maiden, mother, crone. The three stages of womanhood is a meaningful trinity to me. I see myself and the women in my life represented in it. I am my mother’s only daughter, and she is my grandmother’s only daughter, and since I have no daughters, we are the last three women in my matrilineal line. Maiden, mother, crone.

The number three is present in my most meaningful relationships. I am my parents' only daughter, I am one of three siblings, and I am the single mother of two sons - all important triads.

The more I think about it the more I see it manifesting in my life.

For example, in my job, I am the dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

When it came to naming my business, I wanted to honor this divine number, hence the name: Spirit, Sand, and Sea.

The ocean is where I go to connect my body, mind, and soul. This was my goal in creating Spirit, Sand, and Sea: To provide space and guidance to help women nurture these three parts of themselves.

I hope you will consider joining me for a retreat, and explore the trinity that you are.

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