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Spirit, Sand, & Sea

Personal Growth and wellness

Coaching & Retreats

"The integration of our experiences heals and transforms us, creating authentic personal growth"

Rosanna María Salcedo, Founder

Hi! I'm Rosanna-

I help women
 balance their wellbeing and career, so they can achieve their goals and stay healthy.

Whatever your life circumstances, being a woman carries unique challenges.

Women are called on to be the teachers, caretakers, and healers in our families and in society.

Managing careers and nurturing families, we often prioritize others and ignore our personal needs. We don't realize we are depleted and struggling until we become sick, depressed, anxious, or burnt out.

It is possible to pursue professional goals without compromising your health and becoming crippled by stress and anxiety.

Individual and group coaching can help you achieve that balance.

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  • Are you struggling with change and transition?

  • Do you feel stuck and have a hard time making decisions?

  • Are you overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, or depression?​

Throughout our lives we go through periods of stress and uncertainty. If you are struggling in your personal and/or professional life, you may need to spend some time examining your beliefs and behaviors in order to make changes that support greater growth and wellbeing.

Individual coaching can provide the resources, encouragement, and support you need to identify what messages and ideas you are holding onto that are no longer serving you. Then we work on releasing these and adopting new empowering messages and strategies. 

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We often measure success and progress by checking off the next accomplishment, and the next, and the next...

When do we stop for reflection?

When do we think deeply on our experiences? About what we want? When do we check-in with ourselves to make sure we're doing okay, and going in the right direction?


Personal coaching can offer the space and guidance to unpack your thoughts, feelings,  behaviors, and develop  strategies, so that you can do your work with greater  confidence and wellbeing.


To retreat is to take a step back; to withdraw from the business of our lives, and take time to look inward. Retreats are precious opportunities for reflection, integration, and growth, in the company of others.


Spirit, Sand, and Sea retreats are designed to create a holistic experience of body, mind, and spirit. Through guided activities and  discussions, you learn techniques for greater self-awareness, mindfulness, and other strategies that help us deal with our feelings, life situations, and put us on the path of greater peace and joy.

You should consider Spirit, Sand, and Sea group coaching and retreats if you:

  • Enjoy sharing and listening to others

  • Want space and time to nurture yourself

  • Are looking for a community of women who are also working on their personal development

  • Want to nurture your body, mind, and spirit

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Women Holding Hands


Whether or not you choose to sign up for coaching or join us on a retreat, you can still be part of our community by subscribing and getting access to blog updates and online resources.


"Rosanna is an amazing facilitator. She really knows how to strike the right balance between giving people the time and space to explore their feelings and gently guiding them to discover what lies beneath the surface."

— Marilyn Valdes, Retreat Participant

"Since coaching with Rosanna, I have learned everyday to put myself first. To learn how to say NO and not feel guilty. I can now assess situations and ask why I allow people and old rules to mandate my actions and emotions."

— Coaching Client

“Rosanna was a safe sounding board for me as I explored issues related to my multiple identities - a professional woman, a professional of color, a mother, a mother to mixed-race children, living and navigating in predominantly white spaces.”

— Coaching Client

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Based in Boston, Massachusetts

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